Counterintelligence TSCM Officer Level 3 - TEMPEST

Location: Springfield, VA
Date Posted: 11-29-2017
Overall Assignment Description:  To provide, on average, 20 TEMPEST Countermeasures Reviews and contribute to or publish 75 technical evaluations annually. Will ensure all required reports are complete with minimal errors and that all processes, activities, and report are conducted within established time frames. Will ensure required Hazard reporting and annual training requirements are conducted and completed according to DoD policies and those of the government NGA Certified TEMPEST Technical Authority (CTTA).

Duties may include:
  • Assist the Certified TEMPEST Technical Authority (CTTA) in implementing the NGA TEMPEST program, analyze requirements and develop required program and processes for controlling compromising emanations from NGA equipment and facilities (to include NGA contractor sites), and interpret security policy and regulations governing TEMPEST.
  • Ensure all TEMPEST staff are fully qualified to meet NGA TEMPEST mission requirements.
  • Reach out to customers to gather all necessary information, to include wiring diagrams, equipment specifications required to complete the TEMPEST risk matrix, TEMPEST checklist, Protective Distribution System (PDS) approval request, and TEMPEST Countermeasure Reviews. When required by the TEMPEST Lead, the technician must complete visual TEMPEST inspections and TEMPEST testing of NGA facilities, systems, and equipment, to include SCIFs and PDS.
  • Maintain all TEMPEST qualifications required to conduct the visual TEMPEST Inspections and TEMPEST tests. The specialist must maintain all TEMPEST test equipment and coordinate repairs and calibrations as required. The technician must also represent the TEMPEST Lead in meetings or briefs relating to NGA facilities, systems, and equipment that process classified information and provide the lead with details necessary to properly assess the scope as related to TEMPEST.
  • Support TEMPEST daily operations. Those duties include:
    • Maintaining and ensuring accuracy of the NGA TEMPEST Risk Matrix.
    • Ensure completion of all TEMPEST checklists, PDS approval requests, and TEMPEST Countermeasure Reviews occurs within established timeframes.
    • Ensure adherence to National, DoD, and Agency regulations and instructions as it relates to TEMPEST.
    • Ensure missions, to include visual TEMPEST inspections and TEMPEST tests, are appropriately staffed, funded, and equipped.
    • Ensure TEMPEST team is fully trained and qualified per National, DoD, and Agency regulations and instructions.  
  • Execute the TEMPEST Daily Operations. Those duties include:
    • Gather all necessary information required for NGA TEMPEST Risk Matrix, TEMPEST checklist, PDS approval request, and TEMPEST Countermeasure Reviews.
    • Conduct all visual TEMPEST Inspections and Testing as required by the TEMPEST Lead.
    • Maintain TEMPEST qualifications as required by National, DoD, and Agency policy.
    • Maintain TEMPEST test equipment and coordinate repairs and calibrations as required.
    • Coordinate with other components of NGA and partners to ensure TEMPEST requirements and countermeasures are in adherence.
  • Perform Radio Frequency signal of interest searches. Those duties include:
    • Assess and locate signals of interested discovered during surveys, system notification and wireless operations.
    • Collaborate with appropriate entities to develop wireless security systems. Identify potential enterprise and tactical wireless security systems.
    • Develop, update and maintain wireless security concept of operations.
    • Identify potential opportunities for partnership across the Agency for wireless security concerns.
  • Recommend and provide guidance for Agency security elements. Those duties include:
    • Provide recommendations and guidance for new processes and systems.
    • Assist in determining best practices related to IPMS and wireless efforts.
    • Ensure wireless technicians understand and comply with wireless regulations.
    • Report wireless issues discovered during the conduct of wireless operations.
    • Ensure that TEMPEST reviews are conducted in accordance with National policy and DoD directives.
    • Coordinate TEMPEST accreditation activities for facilities and contractor sites.
    • Evaluate and make recommendations to the Certified TEMPEST Technical Authority (CTTA) on countermeasures consistent with National policy and operational requirements.
    • Prepare estimates on proper implementation of TEMPEST countermeasures and technologies to support the TSCM mission.
    • Establish and continually update baseline requirements for TEMPEST by identifying facilities and contractor sites requiring review.
    • Maintain appropriate records, to include inspectable space determinations, TEMPEST review guidance, TEMPEST accreditations and waivers.
    • Conduct inspections and perform site assistance visits, as required.
    •  Possess awareness of National policies and DoD polices regarding TEMPEST (e.g. National Security Telecommunications & Information System – policy and instruction, etc.).

Skills and Experience:
  • Shall have at least 7 years experience in a CI or Security related field, with at least 5 years TEMPEST experience.
  • Shall have the skills of understanding, and the application of TEMPEST Policy, concepts of RED/BLACK Installation, Protected Distribution Systems (PDS), familiarity with TEMPEST test procedures and equipment, strong oral and written communications skills; time management experience; ability to work within a team construct.
  • Shall possess the National TEMPEST School certifications in TEMPEST Fundamentals and RED/BLACK Installation Guidance courses.
  • Shall possess National TEMPEST School certifications in TEMPEST testing courses (Lab, Field, NONSTOP), Certified TEMPEST Professional (CTP) 1&2 (both), understanding of RF propagation, understanding of office communication systems and networks.  Credentialed graduate of an accredited federal or DoD CI training academy. Technical Security Officers must have completed TEMPEST Fundamentals, TEMPEST for System Installation and Facility Design and the NCSC ICD 705 Course within 12 months. The TEMPEST Test Equipment Familiarization Course and either TEMPEST Lab Testing Basics or TEMPEST Field Testing Basics will be completed within 24 months. Technical Security Officers must complete a minimum of 40 hours of proficiency training in TEMPEST, Technical Security or other relevant general security fields each fiscal year.  The NGA customer will sponsor Government-offered proficiency training IAW National and DoD standards. However, NGA will NOT sponsor TEMPEST certification as this is a requirement on day 1. The contractor will be responsible for funding associated with this training and all commercial-offered training.
  • Shall possess a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Engineering, or a related technical discipline.
  • Possess post-graduate degree in Computer Science, Engineering, or a related technical discipline.    

AC4S is an Equal Opportunity Employer, including disabled and vets
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