Asset Manager (Senior)

Location: Mt. Weather, Bluemont, VA
Date Posted: 12-21-2017
The Contractor shall support the lead NGA Asset Manager Hand Receipt Holder (HRH) with senior level expertise in establishing and maintaining property accountability of equipment as requested.  The Contractor shall assist with establishment and maintenance of formal accountability of NGA equipment, including:
  • Advise and assist with inventory activities conducted by hand receipt holders, sub-hand receipt holders, and deployed site leads.
  • Perform joint special and sensitive item inventories as directed by the NGA PMO.
  • Assist with establishment and maintenance of supporting property accountability files and records which support changes to accountability records, to include: 
    • Document Preparation: The Contractor will prepare and process all adjustment documents to account for government property lost, damaged or destroyed, transferred, received, and turned in.
  • File and record maintenance:  Files and records will be maintained using published guidance or as directed by the NGA PMO.  Documents affecting the NGA PMO property account will be forwarded to the NGA Property Accountability Officers within two working days of receipt to allow for entry into the appropriate NGA database.  All supporting document files will enable compliance with the People Soft Asset Management (PSAM), or current system of record.
  • The Contractor shall maintain, at a minimum, the following documents for equipment accounted for by the NGA PMO:
    • Receipt documents:  Including NGA Form 4151-12 and DD Form 1149, upon issue of accountable supplies and equipment to the primary hand receipt holder.
    • Turn-in documents: Including DD-Form 1348-1, or automated NGA property accountability database generated turn-ins, for all turn-ins made along with NGA Forms 4151-12a/12b for removable media.
    • Lateral transfer documents: Including documents which reflect a lateral transfer or issue of equipment into or out of the NGA PMO accounts.
    • Assist and create Asset Delivery Reports (ADR) and Asset Found Reports (AFR) for submission to PSAM for new and found assets.
    • Adjustment documents: Including reports of survey, administrative adjustment reports, found on installation report adjustments, equipment exchanges and disposals, and other actions that adjust the quantity of equipment on hand or change data fields in the NGA PMO account.
    • Inventory Documents: Review all inventory documents such as reports of survey, inventory adjustment reports, cash collection vouchers, statement of charges, or other documents received which change the quantity on hand or other data fields of the NGA PMO property account to verify the information.
    • Pending documents: Maintains a suspense file (automated) of pending transactions and takes appropriate action to follow-up on pending actions within two work days of the expected completion date.
  • Maintain an up to date status of all hand receipts and ensure that hand receipt holders are notified of the need to re-sign hand receipts at least 30 days before the annual inventory. Monitor and obtain signatures from NGA government site leads before redeployment. 
  • Attend meetings as directed by the NGA PMO to provide expert level feedback on logistical aspects of planned or discussed property accountability actions which may affect logistics operations or will require logistics actions from other than asset managers.
  • Monitor in transit property and provide updates while equipment is being shipped.  Status will be updated in the NGA PMO automated property system and remain current (within 5 business days).
  • Maintain all original hand receipt files and hand receipt related documents. 
  • Provide all original, hard copy, hand receipt files to the NGA PMO office quarterly (Quarterly Hand Receipt File; A008).

  • 12 years experience, 8 years specialized experience with 5 Years of Government Property Book Experience.
  • Bachelors Level Degree in Logistics Management, or Supply Chain Management.
  • CPPM/CPPS certification through NPMA.
  • Must have strong oral communication skills and proven success working on teams.

AC4S is an Equal Opportunity Employer, including disabled and vets
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