Facility Management (Senior)

Location: Bagram, Afghanistan
Date Posted: 12-21-2017
The Contractor shall assist the Site Facilities Chief in providing various escort, safety, and miscellaneous tasks to enhance site operations The Contractor shall:
  • Serve as/Support the Fire Safety Inspector
    • Perform monthly inspections to include fire extinguishers, smoke detectors, emergency lighting, and fire evacuation plans
    • Conduct assessments, reassessments as needed with site security and facilities management and to include fire drills, emergency response vehicle ingress/egress exercises in accordance with the Base Fire Department policies and recommendations.
    • Coordinate with Facilities Management for the installation of fire safety items such as smoke alarms and fire extinguishers
    • Provide Operations and Maintenance (O&M) and testing of fire extinguishers, manual smoke detectors, automated fire safety equipment and emergency lighting and report and repair performance faults in accordance with site work order SOPs
    • Follow all fire safety procedures and processes in accordance with Base Fire Safety SOP and additional Base Fire Department policies and all recommendations that can be supported by site sustainment abilities
    • Directly coordinate with Base Fire Department to provide Government furnished fire safety devices and equipment
    • Maintain Fire Safety SOP
  • Manage and maintain the site bicycle pool.  This shall include assembly of bikes and repairs as needed.
  • Monitor and update monthly container inventory of IC assets.  Update Military Surface Deployment and Distribution Command (SDDC) on accountability/serviceability of shipping containers, change location codes, and verify POC information is up to date.
  • Personnel must be licensed and able to drive a manual transmission non-tactical vehicle (pickup truck/9 passenger van). 
  • Must be able to be outside during any weather condition for long periods of time.  
  • Support the following miscellaneous tasks as requested:
    • Planning, selection assistance, constructing, assembly, installation, relocation and maintenance of office desks, chairs, shelving, furniture, stands, electronics, warehouse shelving, furniture dry erase boards, phone mount, other wall and floor mounted office accessories, and other tasks as directed as long as not conflicting with the site facilities O&M contract.
    • Operate forklift and other MHE, small engine powered equipment to include, but not limited to, pressure washer and weed/grass trimmer/mower.  Perform basic small engine maintenance and repair.
  • Provide security escort services to:
    • Provide escort services for local and third country nationals performing services thru local base support contracts
      • Assist NGA Government Chief Facilities Engineer (CFE) in execution of facility and grounds projects, to include: daily pickup/drop off at Entry Control Point (ECP), coordinating provision of food and water, perform all escort duties and responsibilities in accordance with local procedures.
      • Assist tracking local and third country nationals badge expirations – notify local nationals 30 days prior to expiration
      • Assist daily with local and third country nationals’ janitorial services to include; cleaning of the IC transient rooms, laundry rooms, latrines, gym, and common areas as directed by the Government Facilities Lead. 
      • Assist with local and third country nationals grounds upkeep activities to include, but are not limited to: concrete pad sweeping, weed pulling, trash disposal, debris removal, and other various facility cleaning activities.
      • Ensure those personnel with a valid need to enter the secure area are appropriately registered by security personnel before entering.
      • Ensure doors to offices, in areas through which personnel must pass, are closed.
      • Give occupants prior notification of their entry to prevent the unauthorized disclosure of sensitive information.
      • Keep an hourly log of the activities, number, and location of those being escorted.
  • When applicable, perform janitorial services, to include:
  • Cleaning of the IC transient rooms, laundry rooms, latrines, gym, and common areas as directed by the Government Facilities Lead. 
  • Concrete pad sweeping, weed pulling, trash disposal, debris removal, and other various facility cleaning activities.

  • 12 years experience, 8 years specialized experience. Must have general carpentry and/or general construction skills.
  • Must have strong oral communication skills and proven success working on teams.

AC4S is an Equal Opportunity Employer, including disabled and vets
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